Frank Luzmore Race

This is a 13 mile race, starting at Elmbridge Canoe Club & finishing at Richmond Canoe Club racing along the river Thames. Due to the high river levels the race was postponed from its original date & then unfortunately due to the continued difficult river conditions the race had to run with restricted entry requirements.

Unfortunately, this meant that our under 16 Juniors & our racers who compete in lower divisions were unable to take part this year. Due to these restrictions we had to make some last-minute alterations to our crews so that we could take part in the event. Our two crews that were to race were our veteran & senior ladies crews of Paul & Becky, Doug & Hannah.

They raced down the river reaching speeds of up to 12mph, with the course having to be cut a little short finishing at River Lane for safety reasons. Both crews were impressed with the speed they got up to but were relieved to get out of their boats after paddling in the swirly conditions!